Alright, you amazingly patient beings. Here’s the deal: Fade to Blue, Monochrome‘s prequel, is done. I KNOW! Yes, it took me about 5 years to write. Yes, that’s George R.R. Martin slow. I know, I know. But writing, alas, does not pay the bills yet, so I had to take it slow in order to work full-time on less cool things. That said, you can pre-order this baby in paperback today and as an ebook this week!

Also, I have ARC’s going out today to those of you lucky enough to get a sneak peek. I’m very proud of Ishmael’s book. I think it’s an honest and fantastical look at major depressive disorder. I hope you enjoy Fade!

Pre-order the paperback here: http://www.femininecollective.com/fade-to-blue-by-hm-jones-pre-order/