Child Rape is Not Enough to Enrage


It’s time, Ed Murray, it’s time to step down.

Yes, you’re white and male and powerful,

a slap on the wrist, some mild embarrassment

is, truly, all you thought to expect.

After all, we have a rapist as the President,

who uses the words “cunt,” “pig” and “nasty”

as his gentleman’s vocabulary.

A real lady killer, or he would be if

he thought the apathy was enough that he could be.

Why should you, Ed “Child Rapist” Murray,

mayor of men (of women? of raped little children?),

be more than mildly upset by the lawsuit

that might inconvenience you.

“All sins are equal under the eyes of God.”

Tell that to the voters, look for sympathetic nods.

Oh, no worries, you’ll get them.

Where I live those who molest are also able

to skate by unnoticed.

They will not be jailed, made to face the blood on their hands,

the stain of unwanted touching that men

who were boys, were boys, were boys…are boys

taught to touch anything? To take whatever they need?

“But women touch, too…”

let’s justify an epidemic need to equate everyone’s evil,

so that nothing is evil, no group is more to blame, ignore statistics,

make a god of fame,

especially when the famous wear power suits and can pay for silence.

Fuck you, Ed Murray. I strip you of your title.

You have no power over me,

and unless Seattle cries out in shame,

removing your disgusting legacy from our name,

I will not call this home.

Step down, step down, step down,

from your protected throne.


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