Motherhood and Self Image Poetry Featured in Two New Anthologies


Some cool news, folks! I’ve been busy creating poetry and talking people into publishing it. Meerkat Press is releasing a speculative poetry book called My Cruel Invention, and they’ve chosen my poem “Frankensteining” for their wonderful anthology. The poem is about how we tear ourselves down, how we create ourselves as monsters. I hope you’ll pre-order the anthology, as the poems therein are astonishingly good.

I’m also excited to share that a couple of my poems on motherhood and body image will have a home in What is a Mother to Do? This anthology dares to showcase motherhood in all it’s gory, sticky splendor.

Even later in 2016, a poem entitled “Unraveling Shame” will be featured in the No More Shame poetry anthology. This anthology is extremely empowering and important. It gives survivors of sexual assault a voice, a say and it dares them to show their strength.

Thanks for putting up with this little tidbit of poetic information. I’m proud of these wonderful anthologies, and hope you’ll give them a try when they are released.


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