I Don’t Want Anyone to Read My Book by @HMJonesWrites

A little guest blogging.


I used to think I wanted my book to be read. I was excited about having people experience my world, my characters, my hard work. I was hopeful that the book would make connections, like so many of the books I’ve read in the past.

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2 thoughts on “I Don’t Want Anyone to Read My Book by @HMJonesWrites

  1. I know some of these feelings all too well. I wish I could go a week without wondering what would be best for my children: Living life without a mother, but around “normal” people or living life with your mother, but one who can’t be a good example of what a human should be.


    • I always just think, “My kids might have what I have, down the line, and I would never want them to think life would be better without them because my life is so much better with them.” Even when I’m at my darkest, thinking about how I’d want them to deal with the crazy thoughts that attack me, really helps. All I can do is get the best help possible and do my best. It sucks, but that’s my best option and I’m going to make it work for us. Because they are my joy. Many virtual hugs.


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