Monochrome a Gravity Title

“What would you do to protect your most precious memories?”

This is the question that plagued me when I was deep in postpartum depression. I was surrounded by a fog of unhappiness. I could not feel normal daily emotions. I could not feel that connection that mothers are “supposed to have” with their newborn children.

As an avid writer and reader, I often think of my life in terms of stories. But if my life as a new mother was any indication, my story was void, blue and ugly. I started to imagine a world, a representation of my mind…a way to connect with the people in my life who I knew were worried about me, but could not possibly understand what I was feeling or not feeling.

And Monochrome came to me in bits and pieces, then in huge chunks. I self-published the book to gain feedback and the feedback I received was astounding: mothers admitting their own taboo feelings and experiences, fathers wanting to connect with their distant wives/new mothers and depressed people searching for themselves in my world. Though my book is a fictional representation of depression and not a memoir or “how to get out of depression” (if you know, send me an email), it was reaching people. And, finally, two months ago, it reached a publisher.

I am very excited to announce that Seattle Based company, Booktrope┬áhas accepted my manuscript. I am in the throes of editing, cover design and author platform. I appreciate the readers who slugged through my ms and encouraged me, and I hope you’ll come with me on this journey to improving my world. The great news continues for Monochrome, as the wonderful Gravity imprint of Booktrope, which takes taboo, personal and traumatic stories and brings them out of the darkness has chosen Monochrome as a Gravity book. I am very proud to be a part of a team that focuses on recovery and awareness. Even though my book is fictional, the depression, the addiction and the taboo that surrounds the main character is real enough, and I am honored to represent the Gravity team.

Cover reveal is coming soon, and other news related to the world of Monochrome will be posted here.